We provide door-to-door, production and import services from Turkey & Asia

We are a half Spanish and half Turkish company that was created to promote, consolidate and strengthen alliances and operations between both countries, with the security, knowledge and experience of its founders in both markets.

We created Trade Blau with the aim of strengthening relations between two continents. Uniting experience and knowledge, we offer our know-how with headquarters and a team of partners in Turkey, Asia and Spain to import your goods in all EU and a wide number of other countries being able to help you to increase your presence in other markets too.


  • Produce import and export custom & luxury products, prototypes and regular sale items from Turkey and Asia.
  • Carry and guide the business implementation of our customers in Turkey, Asia or Spain.
  • Help startups expand their markets and introduce their products in Europe, Turkey and Asia through our partner company Power Founder.
  • Blockchain certification of the production, testing and shipment with cooperation of our partner HASHING DNA.
  • Import / Export Turkey and Asia with blockchain Traceability with a 24/7 transparency in tracking with our system

Import / Export Turkey & Asia with blockchain traceability

  • Import Analysis
  • Provider Search
  • Price research
  • 24/7 transparency in tracking with our system

Import / Export Spain with blockchain traceability

  • Market Research to implement the best product
  • Supplier negotiation to find the best factory and best terms
  • QC during all process
  • Import / export services

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Services We Provide

We provide Turkey - Spain as well as Intercontinental Import / Export Services

Turkey Import / Export100%
Spain Import / Export100%
Intercontinental Import / Export100%
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